Paragon at Oman’s 3rd Media & Advertising Exhibition & Conference – Day 1, 2 and 3.

Paragon participates in Oman’s 3rd Media and Advertising Exhibition

Muscat, Oman. Paragon will be participating in this year’s Oman Media and Advertising Exhibition which will commence from 18th until the 20th of October 2011. The exhibition which will be hosted for the 3rd year in running is Oman’s only integrated marketing exhibition. This year’s event will introduce the latest trends and techniques in communication, new publications and advertising agencies that have recently stepped in the ad-industry of Oman, along with well-established and leading publishing houses, media companies and advertising agencies throughout Oman and the Gulf. The exhibition will be showcasing latest technology inDigital Signage and will highlight the growing role of Social Media and other internet-based communication technologies. The focus of attraction will be outdoor advertisingmarketing services as well as event and exhibition management, making the 3 day event truly representative of media, advertising and their strategic aligns, essential for effective marketing and communications. Besides being located in Oman, Paragon has operations also based in Kuwait and Bulgaria, where too it functions as a fully fledged marketing communications agency. Paragon has won a total of 57 international, regional and local awards on creativity and also has been featured in 19 international books on advertising and graphic design. Reference to Paragon’s work is available on its official Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Inaugurated by the Minister of Information.

Mr. Adel from Al Nimer Expo (organizers) leaping to action.

Al Nimer welcoming speech.

A warm welcome by Al Nimer to Louai Alasfahani.

Mr. Hasher  session moderator and Louai Alasfahani

Session in progress

General view of the exhibition

Active participation from the attendees

Oman’s TV was present and covered the entire three day exhibition and conference

News ancore Mrs. Laila from Al Jazeera TV

Montaser shooting the Omani TV shooting of Diana while she is shooting the discussion 🙂

Everyone enjoyed the conference 🙂

BPA – Business Publications Auditing participated and was active in the discussions

From left: Louai Alasfahani, Diana Dimitrova, Operation Manager at Paragon Oman and Toni Hatem Triads outdoor media.

Al Royaa daily newspaper taking a break with Mr. Mohamed from Palestine newspaper

Montaser Al Abasi senior graphic designer at Paragon Oman with Mrs. Laila news ancor at Al Jazeera TV Qatar.

The Omani minister of information making his tour of the exhibition

Diana during the exhibition break

Break is over

Obvious intrest in Paragon services in the Omani market

Montaser presenting Paragon International to a group of young ladies.

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