Blog Anubis’ Louai Alasfahani Tells It How It Is

By: Copyranter.
Monday, 28 March 2011
I catch up with Louai Alasfahani at the Dubai Lynx 2011 and ask him about his thoughts of this year’s work as well as the future of the region’s creative.
Like him or hate him, you gotta respect this man for just telling it how it is. If you don’t know who Louai is, all you have to do is google his name or just check out his blog at: http://bloganubis.com/ 

Louai’s blog broke the story on FP7’s Fadi Yaish and the scam work which tainted our region a couple of years back. The scandal ultimately created a massive shake up at FP7 and eventually forced Dubai Lynx to revoke FP7’s ‘Agency of the Year’ accolade as well as various awards and ban them from entering any work into the Lynx.

To put it bluntly, bloganubis will name and shame you if your cheating in the region. Check out Louai’s blog and his thoughts here (sorry for butchering your name Louai).

Hey, thats Nizar and me at the Dubai Lynx, Motivate – Open Sky’s reception. (photo from Dubai Lynx official website). More photos to follow, watch this space 🙂
This year the Dubai Lynx not only had more delegates attending than any previous year but they also had a new category introduced, Design which drew more than 150 entries which contributed to an impressive 52% increase in entries. Most importantly the location this year was great, at the Madinat Jumaira overlooking Burj Al Arab the gala award ceremony was in proximity to Trilogy an after party hosted by Big Kahuna, the girls were hot, the guys were cool everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, even those who did not win a trophy won a new friend.

2 Responses to “Blog Anubis’ Louai Alasfahani Tells It How It Is”

  1. April 7, 2011 at 11:50 am

    GREAT! Doing good, I see! 😀 Keep up the good work!

  2. April 7, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    Thanks. We are now residents of Oman. When are you coming over?

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Louai Alasfahani

ANUBIS was a very old god of the ancient Egyptians, universally worshipped throughout the land and became considered the gatekeeper and ruler of the underworld; the “Guardian of the veil“ he was “Lord of the Cleansing Room” and the opener of the roads of the North. “He observed the weighing of the deceased’s heart against the feather of Maat [Truth] and reported his findings to the jury of the gods.



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