VW – The new Touareg launched in Kuwait

The main entrance to the ballroom where the launch took place at the Regency – The VW Phaeton was proudly displayed

The team of lovely hostesses – look at those friendly smiles 🙂

The feminine side of the VW Kuwait team.

Ready to meet the challenge.

Action. The registration desks – one for the guests and another for the media.

Mr. Firas Mufti at the guest desk supporting the team and welcoming the invitees.

The invitees enjoying cocktails and snakes while the guests are accumulating.

From Left: Mr. Abdallah GM VW Kuwait, Mr. Ali M. Behbehani and Louai Alasfahani.

From Left: Mr. Firas Mufti, H.E. The German ambassador to Kuwait, Mr. Abdallah, Mr. Grame Hunter – Group GM and Mr. Ali M. Behbehani

From Left: H.E. The German ambassador to Kuwait and Mr. Ali M. Behbehani.

From Left: Mr. Abdallah – GM VW Kuwait, Mr. Grame Hunter – Group GM, H.E. The German ambassador to Kuwait, Mr. Ali M. Behbehani and distinguished guests.

From Left: Mr. Ali M. Behbehani, distinguished guest, Mr. Abdulmuhsen A. M. Behbehani, Mr. Grame Hunter – Group GM, Mr. Abdallah – GM VW Kuwait, and Mr. Firas Mufti – Marketing Director – VW Kuwait.

From Left: Mr. Roger Keriakos DGM Porsche Kuwait, Mr. Firas Mufti – Marketing Director – VW Kuwait, Mr. Grame Hunter – Group GM, Mr. Abdulmuhsen A. M. Behbehani, Mr. Abdallah – GM VW Kuwait and Louai Alasfahani – Managing Partner Paragon Marketing Communications.

From Left: Paragon Marketing Communications team members, Wasim Khan – Account Manager, Louai Alasfahani – Managing Partner, Diana George – Media Director and Mr. Konstantin Assenov – Executive Creative Director.

The guests are mingling prior to the opening of the gates.

Lots of activity in anticipation of the big moment.

Great ambiance and branding.

Excellent turnout for the event.

Al Watan TV interviewing Mr. Abdalla – GM of VW Kuwait.

Al Watan TV interviewing Mr. Firas Mufti – Marketing Director of VW Kuwait.

Gates are open. The crowds are poring in.

The media was heavily present to cover this mega event.

The guests are seated and anticipating to meet the new VW Touareg.

Miss Boriana – VW ME making sure everything is executed to the finest detail.

Full house.

Lights are dimmed and the show begins.

Mr. Firas monitoring the situation.

The moment of truth.

And now ladies and gentlemen…

Karen our lovely MC from LBC

The stage is set.


Mr. Abdalla delivering his speech.

Lovely dancers performing for the audience pleasure.

Very artistic and athletic show. Crowed pleasers.

The amazing magician from South America.

The guests interacting with the magician.

The guests pleased with the magician and participating in the show.

A mind trick by the magician and his lovely assistant.

A Kiwi money trick!!!

The sleeping beauty.

Flaying table for two.

Another memorable performance prior to the reveling of the VW Touareg.

If you think she is pretty…wait till you see the car 🙂

The beauty and the beast in one fantastic package.

They could not keep their hands off it.

Mr. Abdallah pleased with the new VW Touareg and Mr. Mosawai trying to get a discount 😉

Mr. Ali M. Behbehani and honored guests.

Mr. Roger, Mr. Ihab, Mr. Firas and Louai Alasfahani.

Mr. Lars from Salt & Peper joins the gang.

A group photo featuring VW Kuwait, VW ME and Paragon.

The Paragon team, from Left: Mr. Naser, Mr. Wasim, Miss Gaja, Mr. Nizar, Mr. Vako, Mrs. Diana and Louai Alasfahani. Good Night and well done everyone. Thank You.


4 Responses to “VW – The new Touareg launched in Kuwait”

  1. October 10, 2010 at 10:07 am

    Wonderful! Great Event, Mabrook Louai!

  2. October 10, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    Thanks Gilbert. Get ready for the next Cannes Lions & Dubai Lynx showcase in Kuwait. I will let you know as soon as the date is set. Watch this space 😉

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