IAA Kuwait offers you a free ticket to the world’s most creative ads



Please print the above invitation and present it at the cinema to be admitted. You can print as many copies as you want for each of your friends and agency/media team members (or family members). i hope you have a great time and get inspired.

special thanks for Cinescape, Paragon and Fast Telco for supporting this event which was held for the first time in Kuwait and drew a crowd of more than 130 industry professionals.

Published in the IAA network news, Issue #26, January 2010.

Lujain played a vital role in facilitating this event. Thank you for your efforts and the support of Cinescape. Also a special thanks to Dana from Cinescape.

Louai Alasfahani delivering the IAA Kuwait Chapter welcoming speach

Terry emphasized on embracing your culture in your advertising messages

Steve gave out the user name and password for the audience to experience the Cannes Lions creative archive for FREE for two days.

From left: Terry Savage (Cannes Lions Chairman), Lujain Al Saleh (Cinescape), Louai Alasfahani (IAA Secretary General), Michel Barakat (IAA Treasurer)

IAA membership application forms were distributed by Naser to everyone that attended the event

From left: Diana George (Paragon – Media Director), Louai Alasfahani (IAA – Secretary Genearal), Eli Boushaya (Memac Ogilvy – Creative Director), Terry Savage (Cannes Lions – Chairman), Steve Lane (Dubai Lynx – Festival Director) and Elena.

From left: Konstantin Assenov (CD Paragon), Louai Alasfahani, Eli Bou Chaiya (CD Memac Ogilvy), Terry Savage (Chairman Cannes Lions)

Published in Adam&Eve magazine, Issue 31, Jan-Feb 2010

Published in Al Anba, 21st of January 2010. Page: 2.


01 February 2010
Kuwait. The International Advertising Association Kuwait Chapter hosted the first ever screening in Kuwait of the Cannes Lions 2009 award winning TV, print, integrated and titanium entries at Cinema Sharqia on the 19th of January 2010.

The event was attended by the advertising industry, comprising advertising agencies, media, media buying units and clients. The screening was organized to encourage participants from Kuwait to compete in international advertising awards and festivals such as the Cannes Lions and the upcoming Dubai Lynx 2010. Terry Savage, Chairman of Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival and Steve Lane, Festival Director Dubai Lynx Advertising Festival presented this exceptional portal for the local industry to be exposed to worldwide creativity in advertising.

Terry Savage inaugurated the screening with a stirring speech addressing the creatives to support aspiring young professionals through participation in such festivals. He also emphasized the importance of portraying the local culture in advertising. GM Marketing, Cinescape Lujain Al Saleh, extended the support of Cinescape towards the advertising industry through such IAA organized events. Louai Alasfahani the General Secretary, IAA Kuwait Chapter announced that the IAA is moving towards bringing more such needed events to the Kuwaiti industry which will help achieve its mission to put Kuwait on the international map of advertising. In addition he thanked the Cinescape and Paragon Marketing Communications teams for their support in collaborating and co-sponsoring the event.


3 Responses to “IAA Kuwait offers you a free ticket to the world’s most creative ads”

  1. 1 Shilo
    January 13, 2010 at 8:36 am

    I sent you an email…

  2. January 20, 2010 at 11:29 am

    Thanks for bringing us the best creative work on BIG Screen, we are expecting more like these kind of effort from you and IAA. Kudos

  3. January 21, 2010 at 12:33 am

    Thank you Mahi for supporting the event and the IAA efforts. with your encouragement and the endorsement of like minded people we can drive the industry in the right direction.

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