David and Goliath

What is interesting is the fact that ads2blog who allowed allegations of copycat and plagiarism to be published with links on their blog did NOT publish the link to this blog in which the clarification has been made for everyone to read and formulate their own opinion!!!! is it because they are only interested in misleading the public or is it because this blog was responsible for exposing so many of them and their friends remains an unanswered question. Here are the facts for those who are interested in the truth.

Let it cool

Client: Coolex

Category: Air Conditioning.

Agency: Paragon Marketing Communications

Creative Director: Konstantin Assenov

Graphic Designer: Huzaifa

Country: Kuwait – 2009

The above ad was created by Mr. Konstantin Assenov of Paragon who holds a MA (Masters of Arts) degree from the university of Sofia (Bulgaria), a Paragon team member who has won several local, regional and international creativity awards, Mr. Konstantin work is featured in several international books on advertising, graphic design and corporate identity.

The work has been approved by the client and has actually been published. No one (from ads2blog) noticed the excellent work of Mr. Konstantin in terms of dressing up the statue of David with his own jacket (Camel brand – limited edition).


Product : Ferrero Rocher Chocolate

Category: Confectionery & Snacks

Agency : Orchard Advertising Bangalore
Country : India – 2008
Executive Creative Director: homas
Creative Director: homas
Art Director: M G Harti
Copywriter: eera

This is just one artwork in a series of artworks in the advertising campaign for “Ferrero Rocher (The art of Italian chocolate)” another artwork features the Venus De Milos also known as the Birth of Venus. Notice that in the above example the agency has used a close up shot of the statue of David by Michel Angelo to emphasis his cheek to insinuate that the statue (Art object) was eating a Chocolate (the advertised Product) with the message “the art of Italian chocolate” where the statue was used to communicate Art but not just any art, but rather Italian art as Michele Angelo (the artist ) was after-all Italian. so the bottom line is that we have a different product category (Confectionery & Snacks), a different art direction (Close-up shot), a different message (The art of italian chocolate), a different target audience (Indians), a different country (India). Related post:

Picture 3


Brand Name: German Olympic Sport Federation

Category: Public health & safety

Advertising Agency: Scholz & Friends, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Director: Gunnar Löser
Art Director: Stefan Schömbs
Copywriter: Robert Herter
Illustrator: Torsten Lass
Other additional credits: Leonie Ballach

Country: Germany – 2007

This is the agency rational of the idea…from their own website.

Picture 8

Picture 3

In the above example; the Lincoln statue is used to communicate overweight due to lack of activity “sitting all the time”.

In the below example; the Lincoln statue is used to communicate comfort of sitting in Qatar airways seats for a long time .

Client: Qatar Airways
Country: Qatar


Released: April 2001

Advertiser: Toshiba

Brand Name: Shopping Search Engine

Agency: Dentsu

Country: Japan


Art Director: Gentarou Oyabu

Account Supervisor: Gentarou Oyabu

Creative Director: HIDENORI FUKUOKA

Illustrator: Keitarou Shirai (Designer)

This ad for a search engine features the statue of David thinking about buying underwear with the message “Cant get to the shop” wether its because the statue is naked or because the statue can not move is not that important, what is important is that the encoded message by the advertiser gets properly decoded by the recipient.


Relesased: March – 2001

Advertiser: La Alpargateria Resturant

Agency: De Federico Valmorisco Y Ochoa

Country: Spain

Copywriter: DAVID YANG


Creative Director: G. Valmorisco

In the above example the statue of David is used to communicate “Italian” while the clothing item worn by the statue is used to communicate “Argentinean”  a very good combination to communicate an Italian-Argentinean restaurant.


Country: Israel – 2000

This ad main idea is to communicate SIZE  but in this case it is to communicate SMALL size and portray it as a good thing in order to convince the target audience about the effectiveness of placing classified ads in their media vehicle by means of reminding the public of the statue of David by Michel Angelo. One of the most frequent comments about this sculpture is the little size of his reproductive organ (Penis, Dick, Willy, Worm, Snake, or whatever you like to call it). The headline connects the visual with the offer by the message “Some people have come a long way with their one inch”.


Released: February 2000

Advertiser: King Shirts

Agency: BBCW

Country: Netherlands

in this close-up shot of the statue of David the shirt manufacturer dressed the beautiful naked statue with its brand of shirts (the product) insinuating that the customer will look even better by wearing their shirts.

Art Director: MERLE WATERMANAccount Supervisor: RICHARD KEMPERAdvertiser Supervisor: M.J. SCHOTHORSTCreative Director: HUGO VAN BERCUMPhotographer: DANNY DE JONGpreview_600_405

Advertiser: NASHUA

Brand Name: Aficio Copiers

Agency: TBWA

Country: South Africa

Released: February 2000


Art Director: ERICH FUNKE

Account Supervisor: CARMEN DE BLANCHE

Advertiser Supervisor: MICHAEL BROWN

Creative Director: TONY GRANGER

Typographer: ERICH FUNKE

Illustrator: ROB FEW

in this final example a mid-shot of the statue of David and a zoom-in shot of the same statue (reproductive organs) which is known to be small in proportion to the body have been used to communicate a product feature of the photocopier (the product) by stating that “the Nashua Afico can enlarge “anything” by 400%”

Featured in Media Week ME magazine. 7 June 2009. Page: 26.
Client: Al Tilal Complex
Agency: Paragon Marketing Communications
Creative Director: Louai Alasfahani

Featured in Media Week ME magazine.  November the 15th 2009. Page: 25.
Featured in Media Week ME magazine November 22, 2009 issue.  Page: 21.


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